FotoBooth 10-in-1!

For iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Do you want to see your picture in 10 awesome ways?

A new visualization app that adds one of ten different effects to any frontal photo.

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The app employs automatic recognition to detect face and/or body markers to be used for advanced image processing to simulate 10 different effects such as: Fat, Age, Bald, Young, Diet, Sun Burn , Acne Pimples, Alien, Ginger and/or Fat Body FotoBooth.

Photos may be taken from the Gallery or camera, and shared using Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or SMS. The app includes both automatic and manual controls, and works with any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Menu of Effects:
Fat Body FotoBooth: Add 50-100 pounds (requires frontal, full body photo)
Age FotoBooth: Age any face 20-30 years
Bald FotoBooth: Make any person bald
Young FotoBooth: Take 20-40 years off any face
Diet FotoBooth: Subtract 30-100 pounds from any face
Sun Burn FotoBooth: See the effects of a sunburn on any face
Acne Pimples FotoBooth: Give anyone a bad case of acne
Alien FotoBooth: Creates huge eyes, a thin nose, and a tiny mouth for the extraterrestrial look
Ginger FotoBooth: Add a youthful innocence with freckles
Fat FotoBooth: See the face of someone who has gained 50-100 pounds

On launch in portrait orientation, the app opens a scrolling Menu of effects adorned by outrageous cartoon faces that have been rendered bald, fat, alien, etc. Selecting any of the 10 photo effects opens the app's respective built-in photo Libraries, with before and after pictures beside each other on a vertically scrolling strip.

The user can select any photo from the Library, import a picture from the iOS Clipboard, Photo Library, or Camera Roll, or shoot a photo using their device's built-in camera.

The app provides very useful screen outlines for lining up a live photo. The shot is easily previewed and can be re-shot if desired.

Once the photo has been chosen, the app takes a moment to analyze the face, and displays the photo with white outlines surrounding the eyes, mouth, and chin.

If the outlines are accurate, the photographer touches the Continue button, and following an amusing two-second animation the picture is ready.

If the outlines are not perfectly placed, the user can perform a manual adjustment with the touch of a finger.

Feature Highlights:
See what someone would look like if they were overweight, old, bald, etc.
Hi-tech image processing of actual photos produces realistic results
Works on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
Automatic and manual controls
Share results from within the app using Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or SMS
Processed photos can be saved and processed again, adding a second effect

Whether the subject finds it horrifying or hilarious, FotoBooth 10-in-1! gives pranksters the ability to automatically add the effects of weight, age, baldness, etc., to any frontal photo. For best results, the developers recommend the use of good quality photos, taken in close-up, at a full-frontal angle. It is also helpful if the subject's head is not tilted, and they should be smiling. With these conditions met, the automatic facial recognition of the app locates the position and dimensions of the eyes, mouth, and chin. Using these as reference points, the app's image processing function performs the desired alteration. For example, to make a portrait appear as if the person were heavier than they are, the app widens the bridge of the nose, broadens the cheeks, and adds a double chin. Users can create custom effects using the manual controls to move the outlines that act as reference points.







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